Pride and Prejudice. A Novel

Pride and Prejudice. A Novel
Pride and Prejudice. A NovelPride and Prejudice. A Novel

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Pride and Prejudice a novel about Elizabeth Bennet, who is a witty and independent young girl, lives in England with her four sisters, her mother, and her father. When Mr. Bingley, a handsome, rich, young bachelor, arrives to stay briefly in Hartfordshire (where the Bennets live), Mrs. Bennet immediately tries to get one of her daughters to marry him. Bingley is a charming young man and quickly falls in love with the eldest Bennet sister, the beautiful Jane. It is a guarded relationship, so Jane and Bingley dont express outright their mutual feelings for each other, though Bingley obviously shows favor to Jane. Meanwhile, Bingleys proud friend Darcy meets Elizabeth. Elizabeth loathes Mr. Darcy, and avoids him as much as possible. Though Darcy is proud and reserved at first, it becomes obvious of his fondness for Elizabeth.